SprachenGalerie in English

SprachenGalerie: Main principles.


“Learning is an art that can be perfected only with practice.”


SprachenGalerie, a centre with its head office in Berlin and branch in Braunschweig, is fast gaining the reputation among professionals, as one of the most relaxed and professional places to learn foreign languages and Intercultural diversity. The conceptual  belief of this language school makes it stand apart from other language schools. It believes that it needs to practice learning while teaching and upgrade itself constantly.

SprachenGalerie is a learning centre unlike the ordinary language learning Institutes. Its diversity lies in the fact that it doesn’t consider itself a school. A “school” is a term used in modern language more as a place where you become a student, are scheduled in a fixed timetable, one among a group and go back to the childhood discomfort of homework. As a result, the adults client feels uncomfortable and avoids learning which stops his growth at work

SprachenGalerie has been in business since the last ten years now and understands the client’s discomfort and problem. It introduced a simple concept and solved this problem, bringing a smile on the face of the clients.  It is the only language school offering “ English for Ängstliche”. It considers itself a monastery among schools where the pupils are taught the art of practising. SprachenGalerie clientele is exclusive and thus, the trainers have the opportunity to pay full attention to their students during individual and small group training sessions. Among other courses SprachenGalerie offers business German in Braunschweig, DaF    courses in Braunschweig, intensiv English courses in Braunschweig and individual English courses in Braunschweig.

The trainers at SprachenGalerie hold your hand through the period of learning and help you walk on the path of knowledge; be it Business English, business German in Braunschweig, intensiv English courses in Braunscweig or another foreign language or Intercultural training on a foreign country. If you make mistakes, the trainers are at the desk to correct you, always watchful but it is considered normal, that you make mistakes before you are perfected.

SprachenGalerie believes in the art of teaching well and moulding the knowledge of students in the most practical manner which can be used by them when ever and where ever they need it. Each student is offered a different set of module, depending upon his need and capacity.


SprachenGalerie: Teaching methods


  • Evaluation of your learning style
  • Finding, analyzing and correcting mistakes
  • Using current topics from everyday and business life in preparing lessons
  • Purposeful bilingual courses to help avoid cultural misunderstandings and save time while learning the language
  • Different trainers and varied teaching materials in order to keep you motivated and facilitate your path to success
  • Flexible teaching hours and personal consultation meetings
  • Diagnosing the language needs of every client and creating learning material and new teaching methods to tailor special needs


Mostly SprachenGalerie specializes on so called “5-day courses”. Within 5 days you are completely in an atmosphere that encourages learning and memorizing. The concept of “5 days course” is based on the idea of transferring the short term memory into the long-term through the period. The unusual experiences and intercultural environment strengthen the whole impression and make the course unforgettable for you.

Except from the 5-day courses we offer one-on-one coaching and minigroup trainings. Everything depends on your goals and desires. Your goals are our main priority! 

During our business German courses in Braunschweig or Berlin, intensiv English courses in Braunschweig or Berlin, or individua l English courses in Braunschweig or Berlin, you will feel yourself very comfortable and learn the language very quickly. 

SprchenGalerie: Courses

Here is the small glance of language courses, that SprachenGalerie offers to its clients from all over the world:

  1. Englisch/Spanish/German for anxious.

If you think that you already have forgotten everything, that you have ever known about English/German/Spanish, we will show you how easy it is to take the first steps, recover everything you have known and substantially improve your knowledge. Every learning module is designed specially for the client. We will cover the topics you really need and in 5 days you will not remember even, that before speaking a foreign language was very problematic for you! Our individual Englisch courses in Braunschweig, as well as intensiv English courses in Braunschweig or intensiv German courses and even DaF courses in Braunschweig will seem to you like an exciting adventure.

With international trainers you will not only improve your language skills, but also gain new intercultural knowledge and experiences. After our language course you will feel yourself much more comfortable with a foreign language! And if mistakes happen sometimes, it just means that you are learning and constantly developing. We start with grammar, short words and move on to the advance level at a later stage. Clients are encouraged to practise speaking English so that they may lose their anxiety.

  1. Business English

With our Business English course, you feel yourself much more comfortable in the everyday business life. The course design is unique for every client and concentrated on developing the skills, you need to succeed at work. You learn how to write e-mails, reports, prepare presentations. You learn how to speak correctly and express yourself in English in the most clear way for different purposes be it a presentation, a telephone call, a report at the meeting, negotiation process or everyday business conversation to maintain existing contacts and build the new ones . Listening and understanding are the most essential parts of any business meeting. Therefore, SprachenGalerie, during the intensiv English course in Braunschweig, teaches you to listen attentively and understand the right meaning. A lot of misunderstanding and mistakes can be avoided if one learns these skills. You also learn to read and understand difficult articles on current issues.

Business English as one of the individual English courses in Braunschweig, is taught at SprachenGalerie not only by the native speakers but also by people from other countries. Professionals coming from different companies are in search of speakers from different countries so that they can deal with the country of their business in the Universal language but with the right choice of words.

  1. Business German

During this course business German in Braunschweig, trainers from SprachenGalerie will teach you how to speak fluent everyday German for surviving in your company. After finishing the course you will feel yourself much better while communicating with colleagues, not only on business issues, but also during so called “Small talk” dialogs.

 In the focus of the course lie also building up and strengthening of your everyday vocabulary, as well as words from your specialized field. You will remember and repeat how to use the seven most important grammatical structures and gain confidence in speaking on the whole. So just learn business German in Braunschweig with SprachenGalerie, you will make your professional life much easier. We also offer DaF courses in Braunschweig, in order to make you confident in the new environment.

  1. Foreign language for travellers

If you are planning to go on a holiday and want to learn the basics of a foreign language, never fear! Come here to SprachenGalerie where we have the native speakers from the country of your travel. You will not only learn the language but also learn something more on the country and its culture, the behaviour of people. If you are going on business then you will definitely need help to learn the language and get to know the customs of the country of business dealing

Topics covered usually include

  • Landscape Descriptions
  • Booking Travel Arrangements (Hotels, Planes)
  • Travel Vocabulary
  • Conversation on holiday or during the business trip
  • Traveling inside a Country (Trains, Taxis)

Plus reviews on basic subjects such as grammar and small talk. There are no doubts that we can include any other aspects of “foreign language for travelers” according to your wishes. You learn the language you need fast and with pleasure.

  1. Technical English/German

Understanding technical issues in a foreign language will definitely improve your communication with other engineers all over the world. During the individual English courses in Braunschweig you improve your technical vocabulary and learn how to use complicated grammar structures while speaking the foreign language. If you are preparing for the presentation or business trip on technical aspects, we will make you feel much more comfortable with the language.

Of course, in this intensiv English course in Braunschweig you also admire all the other advantages of SprachenGalerie such as flexible teaching hours, diagnosing special language needs, international trainers and many others.

  1. Medical English

The contents of this course includes medical terminology and idioms, doctor – patient vocabulary, medical collocations and reading current medical articles on relevant topics. What’s more, you learn how to make telephone calls on medical issues and write e-mails effectively. Also you will learn fundamentals of Human nutrition and have a chance to practise your medical English with other professionals.

  1. German for guest professors and lectures

The course teaches you not only the German necessary to get along in the university’s teaching environment, but also everyday German different situations.  Topics such as small talk, getting around, and personal interests will also be covered according to your personal needs. If you of any of your family members need to pass DaF exam, we offer also DaF courses in Braunschweig. 

Since the course is tailored for your exact needs and strengths, it is also possible to bring in some of your family members to sit in on some of your lessons and learn along with you.  Family members will also need to learn German and adjust to German culture and life as quickly as you will.  Since your family will also want to have social contacts, it is helpful for them to  be ready for the new life in Germany.

Our ´´Course Packet for Guest Professors and Lecturers´´ includes the following:

  • An introduction to Germany workshop for you and all members of your family
  • 50 course hours for the Guest Professor or Lecturer in both the SprachenGalerie and around Braunschweig (intensiv English course in Braunschweig)
  • 5 course hours for the Guest Professor together with their partner or child
  • 5 course hours on bureaucratic German for government/university offices and formal situations

The introduction workshop for your family is designed to make all of your family members feel welcome and more at home in Braunschweig during the first few weeks of adjusting.  There is also the possibility of a day trip throughout Braunschweig with one of our German trainers to learn more about the city and German culture

Contact SprachenGalerie and feel comfortable in new environment! Experience our specified language course for professors or DaF courses in Braunschweig.

  1. Intercultural trainings

Except from the individual English courses in Braunschweig, courses in the other foreign languages and DaF courses in Braunschweig, SprachenGalerie specializies in intercultural trainings. Intercultural training is not just a topic of teaching here but a learning practice. The owner of SprachenGalerie, Silke Dimitriw, has been a constant admirer of different languages and cultures. SprachenGalerie is a spitting image of Silke’s ideas where one can find trainers from all parts of the world, talking and teaching about their country, the culture and comparing notes on intercultural difference. At SprachenGalerie, they find a harmony not found at other language centre.

If you need an intercultural training on the country, you are making business with or where you are going to move to soon, SprachenGalerie is the right place to choose. During the training you communicate with natives of the targeted country or people that have deal with the natives very often. You receive the whole image of the countries customs and normal behavioural patterns. International trainers will make you feel comfortable with confusing situations and explain “rules of the game”. Do not worry – SprachenGalerie gives you broad international experience!

List of the courses that SprachenGalerie offers to its clients as well as the number of foreign languages we teach, is not limited by those represented here. International orientation, variety of trainers and orientation at the goals of our clients allows us to be flexible. If you are interested contact SprachenGalerie and explain your specific wishes for the course. We are opened for private, as well as business clients.

Learn foreign languages with pleasure and develop with SprachenGalerie!