Englische Vokabeln – Trees

roots – bark – branches – leaves

to protect and look after ancient trees

Kinnekulle has an unusual abundance of large trees

some trees have stood on Kinnekulle since the Middle Ages

they are swarming with life

they would face extinction


Englische Vokabeln – Wildwasser

brooks and springs

areas watered by springs form rich habitats

wet woodland

damp meadows

water-laden streams

form waterfalls cascading over the cliff edges


Englische Vokabeln – Redemittel am Beispiel Herbst in Brandenburg

Fall Foliage – your last sunny autumn days in Brandenburg – the weather turns cold

you will find yourself surrounded by red-orange-yellow trees

little Switerland – hilly landscape, deep valleys, moors, meadows and hidden lakes

black storks, beavers, otters, white-tailed eagles and other wildlife

chestnuts, beechnuts and eadible mushrooms on the forest floor

leafy river views