Interkulturelles Coaching Australien in Berlin

Ein Auszug: aus unserer Präsentation Interkulturelles Coaching Australien/presentation Australia – in Berlin

Vor einigen Jahren haben wir ein Event Interkulturelles Coaching Ausstralien” auf Englisch” in Berlin angeboten.

Viele Australien-Fans haben den Weg zu dieser außergewöhnlichen Präsentation beim Brunch in Berlin gefunden. Dank Paul, unser Australier aus Sydney, wurde es eine erlebnisreiche interkulturelles Präsentation zum Thema Australien.

Für alle Australienfans, die dieses Event der SprachenGalerie verpasst haben, hier noch einmal Auszüge aus Paul´s englischer Präsentation “Interkulturelles Coaching Australien. Sie interessieren sich für die vollständige Vokabelliste? Mailen Sie mir doch einfach oder tragen Sie sich in die Email-Liste auf diesem Blog ein.

Die Einladung des Eventmanagers in Berlin lautete folgendermaßen:

During this brunch: The Australian trainer from SprachenGalerie; Paul, with his particular sense of humour, will guide us through a vivid eye-opener slide-show on the smallest continent, for overcoming culture shock. SprachenGalerie develops your self-esteem through one-on-one coaching on  “Business English for Ängstliche” and “Business German for English Speaking People”.  We combine language learning and warming up to intercultural sensitivity, with our unusual teaching methods and environment.

Australia Presentation

G’day and thanks for coming. My name is Paul and I come from Sydney, Australia. I’d like to tell you a bit about Australia that hopefully you don’t already know about.   First I’d like to mention a bit about how I’m dressed, as you can see I’m all decked out in my Aussie Gear. We Aussies are a pretty patriotic lot, and while we would never show off our Aussieness on a day to day basis, when an occasion comes up that requires a display of Aussie pride we will go over the top, whether that be being the drinking champions in the foreigners tent at Octoberfest or winning pretty much every sporting event of any consequence in the world.   Put quite simply, we think we are the best at everything, that Australia is the best country in the world inhabited by the nicest, friendliest and most laid back people in the world and we feel the need to show that off, particularly when there is a sporting event on.   We have absolutely no idea about the reality that we are a relatively unknown and unimportant country in the grand scheme of things because for us what is important is that the sun shines, the beer is cold, the Barbie is on and our mates are all over watching the footy!

PEOPLE – Intekulturelles Coaching zum Thema: Die Australier

So who are the Aussies? There are 21 million Aussies

  • 90% are of European descent – till 1973 we had the white Australia Policy
  • About 20% were born overseas
  • Aborigines 500,000
  • Largest ethnic groups – UK, NZ, Italy, Vietnam, China
  • Melbourne is the largest Greek city in the world after Athens
  • About 1million live overseas

Despite the image of the outback over 85% live in urban/city areas

Interkulturelles Coaching – Das Land Australien und seine kulturellen Unterschiede

The Country

  • Australia is big! The worlds 4th largest and the only island/continent
  • 6 states and 2 territories over 7.6million sq km; it is 20 times bigger than Germany with 1 quarter the population.
  • Main cities are Sydney and Melbourne and the Capital is Canberra
  • Canberra built in 1913 and became the capital in 1927 because both Sydney and Melbourne wanted to be the capital. It is possibly the most boring place on planet Earth.
  • Sydney and Melbourne – very big rivalry, both have unique characteristics


ANIMALS – Die Tiere Australiens

  I could talk for hours about the unique animals in Australia but all you need to know now is that on out coat of Arms we have the Kangaroo and Emu because both animals can’t move backwards and this symbolizes our forward moving country. Also Kangaroo is very tasty and very healthy for you, but we don’t really eat it because it’s our national animal! Crocodile is very fatty and generally tastes bad in my opinion and I’ve never eaten Emu. Warning – don’t eat rabbit in Australia, we gave them a disease in the 1950’s and another one in 1996 that if passed on to humans makes Mad Cow Disease look like the flu.

SPORT in Australien – interkulturelle Unterschiede


  • There are not words to describe the love Australians have for sport.
  • Sport is what identifies us
  • It is Australia – simple as that.
  • The main sports are Cricket, Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union and since the last world cup Soccer
  • Since our time is short I’m not even going to try and explain any of these sports to you because they all are complex, have funny rules and played in so few countries that unless you live in Australia, NZ, England or Sth Africa you’ll never hear about them, except of course cricket which is the equivalent of soccer in India and Pakistan.
  • Saying that, you can find rugby and aussie rules teams here in Berlin.
  • What is important is that essentially we are the best in the world in all these sports, especially aussie rules as it is only played in Australia and let me tell you, if soccer ever gets taken seriously in Australia by people other than Italian/Yugoslavian families you better watch out because we’ll become the best in that too!
  • The Olympics – per capita we are the most successful western nation at the games, generally we do well at swimming, cycling and team sports.
  • The Commonwealth Games – held every 4 years for commonwealth countries only, it is the main reason we won’t leave the queen. Generally the competition is very weak and we win nearly 50% of all the medals, the whole country goes crazy for it and for 2 weeks we pretend to be the greatest sporting nation on earth, remember back to the start when I said we think we are the best at everything, stuff like this helps keep our delusions alive and well!


POPULAR CULTURE – Kultur in Australien

A popular joke amongst other English speakers is; What is the difference between Australia and Yoghurt? Yogurt has Culture! This is of course completely false, we have some great high culture – Opera, Theatre, Classical Music, I mean something must be happening in the Sydney Opera House – it’s just that most Aussies just have no interest in it.   In the past our popular culture was very much dominated by the UK, I grew up with British programs on TV, listened to British music and watched British movies, these days America is the major interest group and dominates popular culture. To prevent total dominance Radio has a quote of how much Aussie music they must play a week (10%)

Music in Australien

As far as Aussie Music goes I’m sure you all have heard of Kylie Minogue, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Men at Work, INXS, Natalie Imbruliga, Silverchair and Olivia Newton John While today the most popular bands in Australia are Powderfinger, Jet. John Butler and Wolfmother

Cinema in Australien

Aussie Cinema has a unique feel to it and the comedy it presents often doesn’t translate very well outside of Australia and NZ, especially if you’ve never been there. But there are plenty of great Aussie films out there unfortunately the only one you probably know is Moulin Rouge. Cut you will know our famous actors and actresses such as Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Russel Crowe – even though he comes from NZ and Cate Blanchett. You may of heard of Guy Pearce, Toni Collette, Eric Banna and Rachel Griffiths who have also starred in many Hollywood blockbusters.

Lifestyle in Australien

Aussies are basically very laid back and relaxed people. Many people have the common and much hyped idea that we are lazy bastards, and compared to most industrialized countries we work less than others, but we take a quality over quantity approach! Work is mostly viewed as a means to an end in Australia and few people identify themselves by their job, more by the lifestyle they live. What is very important is Friday Night drinks with Colleagues, where you get drink and bitch about work – very therapeutic!   Aussies like spending time with friends and family and XMAS is the biggest holiday of the year, when we all travel to our families, drink a lot and have a huge argument!   Aussies are also obsessed with buying a house, over 70% of people are paying off or own their house. The great Aussie dream is a house with a backyard and a car in the garage, this is what most Aussies spend their money on.   But we love to travel, it doesn’t matter where you go in the world you are sure to run into a loud, obnoxious Australian who will bitch about how noone speaks English and remind you about how everything back home is so much better. We are unfortunately giving the Americans some good competition in the ugly tourist stakes. But you will also meet plenty of laid back, intelligent, good looking and happy Aussies – Just like me!   So that wraps it all up, I wanna thank you all for listening and now I’d like to ask if there are any questions.     Aussie Word’s

Aussie Word


G’day Hello
Arvo Afternoon
Bloke A Man
Shiela A Woman
Mate Friend
Boozer Pub
Bottle-O A Store that sells Alcohol
Grog Alcohol
Hit the Piss/Turps To drink Alcohol
Tinny Can of Beer
Slab Box of Beer
Schooner / Middy Large Beer / Small Beer
Pot Very small beer – only in Victoria
A long neck A 750ml bottle of beer
BYO Bring Your Own (drinks)


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